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modified he351 turbo

Equipping A '99 Dodge Ram With A Variable. Equipping A '99 Dodge Ram With A Variable.
2011 Dodge Cummins Turbo
He 351 VGT Turbocharger Twin Turbo Cummins - YouTube
Twin Turbo 24V Fly By Throw a Hamilton big stick cam, HE351/S475 and a little nitrous and that truck will haul arse!
I'm starting this tread to compile information to generate knowledge and Here a side cut of the Vane actuation mechanisms. Here you can see the difference in

modified he351 turbo

modified he351 turbo

dodge ram 95 cummins turbo diesel.

  • Variable geometry turbo "VGT".

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    Just Purchase my Holset HE351VE Turbo

    We check out a 99 Dodge Ram 3500 as Fleece Performance Engineering swaps out the old, laggy S300 turbo for the new variable-geometry Holset HE351 unit found in newer
    Turbos & Turbo Parts - Single Turbos - KT.
    Just purchased this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBm=300308713080 This is Just found this topic which was helpful: http://www.4btswaps.com/forum